Hey Peeps welcome to the blog that I made dedicated to one of my favorite sports. I think that by the look of my blog you may already mls-logo2know what my favorite sport is. Well this is the blog that I created for the final in my Creative Minds class. I wanted to do something that had to do with sports, because I guess you can say that I am very “sporty”. I love playing all types of sports, but I decided to do the mexican-soccer-league22blog about one of my favorite sports, which is soccer. I like to watch soccer, but most of all, I LOVE  to play it. When I’m playing it, I feel very competitive, and I feel like I have to win every time. In this blog that I created you will see famous and popular soccer players from my four favorite soccer leagues. One of them is The Major League Soccer, also known as the MLS(U.S), The Mexican Soccer League, English Premier League andlfp1 the Spanish Soccer League. This blog includes the player’s stats for the 2008 season, pictures and biographies about the players. I am also including pictures and stats of some of the most popular female soccer players. This blog also includes tips on how you can become a better soccer player. In this blog you can also find out about the soccer player of the year chosen by the Federation Internationale de Football premier-league4Association, (French for International Federation of  Association Football), also known as FIFA. You will get to find out how and why they chose him or her as the soccer player of the year. The reason I wanted to do this blog about soccer is because first of all I love soccer, and I want people who don’t know anything about soccer learn just a little bit about it. If you are one of those person’s who don’t know anything about soccer go and take a look and maybe you will become more interested in soccer. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!