A Lil’ Bit Bout Me


In this section I will be telling you guys a little bit about myself  and my LOVE for soccer. I will also be telling you which are chivas-logo1my favorite soccer teams and which are my favorite soccer players. Well I started playing soccer when I was really young, maybe at the age of 6 years old. The reason I became interested in soccer was because most of my family enjoyed watching it, and playing it. A lot of the times that I played soccer I usually scored a goal. I can’t say that I play like a pro, but I think that I am somewhat good at it. Most of the time I played soccer, I played forward because galaxyI enjoyed scoring the goals. The times I have played soccer there was only one time where I got injured really bad. It was funny because that day I injured my ankle and it hurted real bad, and instead of stopping I got up and kept playing for like 2 more minutes. I couldn’t take the pain anymore and, I decided to stop playing. manchester-united-logoAt the end of the game my ankle was red and purple. It hurted really bad! Enough about my injurie and on to talking about my favorite soccer teams. From the Mexican Soccer Division my favorite soccer teams are, Las Chivas from Guadalajara and Los Monarcas from Morelia. My favorite team from the MLS has to be real-madridthe L.A Galaxy, from the spanish soccer league it’s Barcelona and Real Madrid, from the English league it’s the Manchester United. Some of my favorite soccer players are, Omar Bravo, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Marquez, Luis Figo, Michael Ballack, Ronaldinho, Jared Borgetti, and last but not least, my favorite of all time MIA HAMM. Some day I hope to become like Mia Hamm because I thought that she was one of the best female soccer players of all time. Well now you know a little bit about my favorite soccer teams, and some of favorite soccer player.



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